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Albion are known for profound lyrics, soaked in dark romanticism with a symbolic topping and a touch of misty reflection, and in ‘Lions’ you are guaranteed to find exactly that. Listening to this track only once just won’t do – it’s a gift that keeps on giving, and each time you listen to those lyrics, new facets of this peculiar imagery come out. It’s a dreamy groovy ballad that makes you reflect on things you otherwise probably wouldn’t have thought of, mesmerising and decadent. 

- Live Circuits’ review of Albion’s 2018 single Lions. Zine, Issue 4, March 2019  -

Albion are a north London band, formed in 2015. The boys are dedicated to high-energy shows, and have an unwavering commitment to art, poetry and music. With a unique, semi-nostalgic style that is difficult to box into a specific genre, the boys always keep listeners guessing with each and every new release – Think 60/70’s Rock & Roll with a splash of rap and a hint modernity.

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